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Enertech Consultants has licensed the EMF Workstation from EPRI. To better support the EMF Workstation Suite of Software, Enertech has added this series of pages to its web site. Please make any suggestions or comments to

EMFWorkstation 2.51 was created by correcting a few problems and by adding the enhancements to the following EMFW 2.5 modules. ENVIRO 3.51 now accepts Y-Min coordinates of up to a 1000 feet and you can now choose a default file viewer other than NOTEPAD.EXE from which to view the ASCII files. Power Line Calculator 1.13 now makes use of a standard Windows INI file for saving operating parameters. RESICALC 2.11 now offers the ability to edit conductor phase spacing and/or attachment heights for all poles in a distribution line from a single dialog box. The Locations dialog box now displays the identifier of the object (Transmission line, distribution line, custom conductor or site) being edited. SUBCALC 2.01 contains the same enhancements described for RESICALC 2.11 above. Also, the phase and neutral connections of a single-phase power transformer can be interchanged, improved identification of power transformer bushings via colors has been added, and more flexible connection rules for power transformers has been added. Refer to the desired help topic under the associated application help files for detailed information about each new feature.

The EMFWorkstation (EMFW) provides a tool for engineers to model electric and magnetic fields (EMF) produced by electric power lines and substations as well as exposure to the fields. In the EMFWorkstation, several EPRI EMF programs, reference materials, and utilities/tools are combined in a single workstation environment. The EMFWorkstation was previously known as EMWorkstation (EMW). The EMFWorkstation Version 2.5 adds one new module and retains five original modules from the previous version. The new module is an EMF expert system. Updates of the original modules include RESICALC, SUBCALC, EXPOCALC, ENVIRO, and the Power Line Calculator. The EMF Literature Database and EMW Executive modules have been dropped from the workstation. Each module in the EMFWorkstation includes a complete on-line help system, and the applicable modules share a common database. The software provides a graphical user interface on IBM (or compatible) PCs running Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or higher.

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This product incorporates technology developed for the Electric Power Industry under the sponsorship of EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.

To obtain additional information, contact Sales at Enertech Consultants, 300 Orchard City Drive, Suite#132, Campbell, California 95008. Telephone: (408) 866-7266, FAX: (408) 866-7279, E-Mail:, or complete our on-line support form.