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Dr. Robert Kavet Dr. Randall M. Takemoto-

The EMF Workstation is currently managed by Dr. Robert Kavet and Dr. Randall M. Takemoto-Hambleton of the EPRI Environment Group.

Robert Kavet, Manager Exposure Assessment Studies -
Robert Kavet, ScD, MEE is currently Manager for Exposure Assessment Studies in EMF Assessment and Management at the Electric Power Research Institute. Dr. Kavet received his Doctor of Science degree in respiratory physiology in 1977 and Master of Science degree in environmental health sciences in 1972, both from Harvard University. Dr. Kavet received his Bachelor of Science in 1966 and Master of Electrical Engineering degree in 1967, both from Cornell University. He is currently also a Visiting Lecturer on Environmental Health Sciences at Harvard University. Dr. Kavet was a Senior Staff Scientist with the Health Effects Institute (HEI) in Cambridge, MA, joining HEI in 1984. From 1986 until 1992, he was a consultant focused largely on potential health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF).

Randall M. Takemoto-Hambleton, Manager Exposure Assessment Studies -
Randall received his B.S.E, M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University. Between undergraduate and graduate studies, he worked in a small start up company and developed a cart-based, electro-optical, spectrographic system which was used to make in-vivo electrolyte measurements in human sweat. While in graduate school, Randall worked as a consulting engineer on a project undertaken by I.B.M. to determine the electric and magnetic fields induced in persons sitting in front of the I.B.M. CGA Color Monitor. Further, he performed research developing and modeling RF and microwave antennas for the Dept. of Radiation Oncology at Duke Medical Center.

Randall joined EPRI in 1992. His current responsibilities include managing exposure assessment and field management projects, and performing statistical analyses of occupational and residential exposure databases.