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Can you match these pictures with the descriptions below?

Enertech Consultants has been developing software for EPRI and the utility industry for over fourteen years. We currently have a staff of eight computer science and related engineers working on several software development projects. We are developing Microsoft Windows applications using C, C++ and Visual Basic. We have recently created our own Web site and have a simple magnetic field calculation program written in the JAVA programming language. Our group works very hard and is familiar with the latest technologies for developing highly interactive engineering applications. The above pictures show those who played a significant role in past and present EMFW development. See if you can guess who they are:

John Pappa - Software manager: John has worked at Enertech since 1988 and was principal author of the original RESICALC program. He has helped design and develop many of the EMFW modules and oversees all of the software development at Enertech. John likes skiing, softball, hunting, fishing and chasing his two very energetic boys around the house.

Greg Stewart - Lead Project Engineer: Greg has been a member of the software team since 1993 when he immediately took a lead role in developing code for the EMFW. Greg is the principal designer of the next generation of EMFW. He is also responsible for helping design and coordinate the EMFW seminars. He is often referred to as "Mr. OOP" because of his Object Oriented Programming experience. Greg likes playing soccer and raising his six children that range in age from 1 to 19.

Wayne Carroll - Sr. Software Engineer: Wayne left Billerica, MA in 1992 where he worked at Honeywell-Bull and came to Campbell, CA to work for Enertech. The fact that his son and two grandchildren also live in Campbell probably helped solidify the decision. Wayne has been the principal developer on RESICALC and SUBCALC and is helping design the next version of EMFW. Wayne enjoys bicycling, basketball, and playing with his grandchildren.

Sang Lam - Sr. Software Engineer: Sang started work at Enertech in 1990 where he helped develop the first version of the EMCALC software. Sang was the sole programmer on the Windows versions of EXPOCALC and ENVIRO and he developed significant portions of RESICALC and SUBCALC. Sang is an expert in Windows programming and many other team members go to him for advice. Sang enjoys playing with his son and working on his house.

John Short - Sr. Software Engineer: John came to work for Enertech in 1992 where he immediately started helping with the development of the EMCALC software. John is responsible for all aspects of EMCALC including design, development and technical support. John developed the configuration databases for the RESICALC and SUBCALC programs and is currently working on the expert system/mapping software. John likes playing the bass guitar and gardening and he is getting married in July.

Bill Buxton - Software Engineer: Bill joined Enertech in 1993 and because of his artistic abilities he became responsible for the graphics that you find in the RESICALC and SUBCALC documentation. Bill is also our resident Webmaster and is always tinkering with our web site to make sure it is both accurate and enjoyable. Bill's hobbies include photography, church activities and playing with his 1-year-old son.


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