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EMFWorkstation Seminar

August 1996
EMFW Seminar

Seminar Description -
The seminar will include tutorials, lectures, and hands-on demonstration of the EMFWorkstation programs. During the seminar you will learn all of the basic techniques necessary for designing and calculating fields from simple transmission lines to complex substations.

Seminar Location and Dates -
Central and South West Services, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
August 13-15, 1996

Cost -

Who Should Attend?
Environment Group members interested in learning how the EMFWorkstation can address a broad range of magnetic and electric field modeling issues in residential and substation environments.

Instructors -
John Pappa, Software Manager, Enertech Consultants, Inc.
Greg Stewart, Software Engineer, Enertech Consultants, Inc.

Call John Pappa or Greg Stewart at 408-866-7266.


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