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By Rob Kavet and Randall Takemoto-Hambleton
Managers, Exposure Assessment Studies Effects Assessment & Management

Earlier this year, EPRI released the latest update to EMFWorkstation. The name change from EMWorkstation to EMFWorkstation was accompanied by a substantially enhanced version of the substation modeling program SUBCALC and the addition of an EMF tutorial, EMFX. Additional refinements included support for more complicated models for ENVIRO and EXPOCALC and enhanced user features for RESICALC.

Previous versions of this software have been used to estimate the magnetic fields near substations, transmission rights-of-way, schools, daycare centers and offices. Users of our software have been able to quickly determine the impact of new facilities or facility upgrades on the magnetic field environment. This allows our users to demonstrate magnetic field management techniques to regulators, customers and legislators concerned about the possible health effects of EMF. The value of this software has been demonstrated repeatedly by the number of utility personnel that are using it to estimate magnetic field values in different locations, both in the U.S. and abroad.

As part of EPRI's effort to support utilities desiring to use EMFWorkstation for magnetic field management, EPRI is sponsoring a training seminar to introduce users to this software. The EMFWorkstation Training Seminar will be held August 13-15 at Central and Southwest Utilities in Dallas, Texas. Attendance is only open to members of EPRI's Environment Group. Interested parties should contact John Pappa at Enertech Consultants (408) 866-7266 for more details.

With this inaugural issue of the EMFWorkstation newsletter, we hope to reach out to our user community and facilitate the exchange of information about this software. We hope that our users will enjoy this information and possibly contribute their own ideas to future issues.

We would like to thank our utility members who have funded development of this state-of-the-art software. With continued support from our members, we can continue to refine and enhance this software so that it continues to meet their needs.

Rob Kavet, Sc.D.       Randall Takemoto-
Hambleton, Ph.D.


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