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Applied Research

Enertech Consultants has extensive EMF experience in the areas of applied research, engineering, and scientific consulting:

o   Draper Replication Study in California (UCLA & USC)

o   Prenatal EMF Exposure and Miscarriage Risk Among Susceptible Women

        (Kaiser Permanente Hospital Study)

o   EMF and RF Video Training Series

o   Appliance and Transformer Characterization Study

o   Structural Steel EMF Mitigation Study (and software)

o   Magnetic Field and Contact Voltage Study component of the UC Berkeley

        Childhood Leukemia Study

o   NIOSH Utility Worker Exposure Assessment Study

o   DOE EMF RAPID Project #3 (Non-Residential Environments) and

         Project #6 (The 1,000 Person EMF Exposure Study)

o   CDHS Statewide School EMF Source Characterization Study

o   Childhood Leukemia Study (effect of EMF on disease progression)

o   Application of Case-Specular Epidemiological Method to the

        1988 Savitz Denver Study Homes and the 1991 London-Peters

        Breast Cancer Study in Los Angeles County

o   AC Field Exposure Study

o   EMF Exposure for Telephone Workers Study (Johns Hopkins University)

o   EMF Exposure in Electric Utility Workers (University of North Carolina)

o   Nationwide Study of Residential Magnetic Field Sources (The 1,000 Home Study)

o   NCI Study of Childhood Leukemia and Exposure to Magnetic Fields

o   Assessment of Children's Exposure to Magnetic Fields

o   Investigation of the Role of EMF in the Progression of Childhood Cancer

o   Study of Magnetic Field Transients in Residential Areas

o   "Back-to-Denver": Intensive Examination of Case and Control Residences from the

        1987 Denver Childhood Cancer Study (California Dept. of Health Services)

o   Prospective Epidemiological Study of Spontaneous Abortion and EMF Exposure