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Download Instructions


General Downloading Instructions

To download a brochure, document, or paper:

  1. Determine the directory on your system where you wish to place the brochure, document, or paper. If a suitable directory does not exist, create one.

  2. Select the file you wish to download from the download page.

  3. Give the file any name you wish (a default is provided) and indicate the directory from step #1 as the directory in which to place it.

  4. Once downloaded to the appropriate directory, you may view it with the required application.

Note: Brochures, documents, and papers are in .pdf format.


EMFWorkstation Downloading Instructions

To download an EMFWorkstation module:

  1. Create a temporary directory on your machine in which to place the downloaded module.

  2. Select the module you wish to download from the download page.

  3. Give the file any name you wish (a default is provided) and indicate the temporary directory you just created as the directory in which to place it. Do not change the extension, EXE, or the file will not execute correctly.

To install an EMFWorkstation Module:

  1. Once extracted, go to the 'extraction' directory and execute the application.

  2. Follow the on-line instructions.

  3. Delete the downloaded file and corresponding directory if desired.

The setup application extracts all files into sub-directories under your 'temp' directory, as defined by the system variable of the same name. These directories and files should have been removed when the installation finished. Delete them if they still exist after the installation has completed.

To Register an EMFWorkstation Module:

  1. Purchase the EMFWorkstation software.

  2. Install an EMFWorkstation module.

  3. Launch the module as registration must be done when the application is started.

  4. To register the software: if an EPRI member, call EPSC; otherwise contact Enertech.

Note: To register any module, you must purchase the whole EMFWorkstation (i.e. individual modules can not be purchased separately). When one EMFWorkstation Module is registered, all additional modules are automatically registered.


ENVIRO 3.52 Update

About ENVIRO 3.52 Update

This new version of ENVIRO fixes a bug that caused the conductor locations to be displayed incorrectly when overlaid on top of the profile graphs for SI (metric) units. This is not a full installation. The ENVIRO.EXE is the only file that has changed in this update. Therefore it is required that a previous full installation of ENVIRO 3.5x already exists BEFORE running this update.

Installation Instructions for ENVIRO 3.52

  1. Save the self extracting zip file (ENVIR352.EXE) to your hard disk by clicking on the link below. (Do not change the name of the file).

  2. Run the ENVIR352.EXE program and enter the path where the current ENVIRO program is installed ( i.e. c:\emfw25\enviro).

  3. Choose YES if asked to overwrite the existing ENVIRO.EXE file.

  4. After verifying that the update was successful, you can delete the self extracting zip file ENVIR352.EXE from your hard disk.

  5. Download the ENVIRO 3.52 Update now.


EMCALC2007 Patch

About the EMCALC2007 Patch

This upgrade to EMCALC2007 fixes a problem when the "Include Saturated Data" is unchecked in the Options Dialog under Units / Calibration.

Before you begin, find the folder where EMCALC2007 is installed.  If you do not know this location, right-click on the My Computers icon on your desktop and click Search or Find (depending on your operating system).  Search for emcalc.exe on your hard drives and write down the full path the search provides.


Follow these steps to installed the EMCALC 2007 upgrade:

1. Copy the EMCALC2007_2001_Upgrade.exe upgrade program to your desktop.  

2.. Go to the folder where EMCALC2007 is installed.  Rename emcalc.exe to emcalcold.exe.  

3. Double-click on the EMCALC2007_2001_Upgrade.exe icon.

4. In the EMCALC2007 dialog box, click Yes if you have performed Step 2.  Otherwise, click No and

     go to Step 2.  

5. In the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for EMCALC2007 dialog box, click Next.  

6. In the Location to Save Files dialog box, enter the path to the current EMCALC2007 installation and

     click Next. 

7. In the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog box, click Finish.