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Standard EMDEX II

EMDEX II is a powerful magnetic field measurement system based on EPRI's original power frequency recording magnetic field exposure meter. The EMDEX II and its EMCALC software package can be used for exposure assessment, research projects, and general measurements of power frequency magnetic fields. The EMDEX II's on-board computer records field levels based upon user-defined parameters and can download results to a PC for easy analysis. Up to twenty distinct data sets lasting over a period of many days can be collected prior to downloading the data from the battery operated unit. The system includes an interface cable and EMCALC software for transfer, storage, and analysis of data files on a personal computer and a user manual. Accessories are also available for the EMDEX II, including LINDA (LINear Data Acquisition wheel which  permits area mapping of fields as contours and 3-D maps) and AMP-LOGGER (a clamp-on type ammeter which plugs into the EMDEX II auxiliary jack to simultaneously record current on a low voltage conductor).

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