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Another member of the EMDEX family, the High Field EMDEX Mate also represents a breakthrough in price and performance. Much like the Standard EMDEX Mate, the High Field EMDEX Mate is a cumulative exposure meter which provides reliable three-axis results that are displayed at the end of the measurement session. Though the resolution may not be as precise as that of the Standard EMDEX Mate, the High Field EMDEX Mate provides a greater range. Time-Weighted-Average, Minimum, Maximum, Standard Deviation, Percent of Time in Six Different Exposure Ranges, and Cumulative Exposure Time are the principle quantities displayed (other quantities are available with custom internal software). This instrument extends the capability of all investigators to perform exposure assessment studies for workers (during entire work periods or for individual tasks), home owners, children, and for all others where high magnetic field exposure is to be evaluated.

The High Field EMDEX Mate is simple to operate. Once the power switch has been turned on, data collection is initiated by setting a second switch to RUN. The Mate then displays resultant magnetic field levels every 0.5 seconds as it accumulates exposure data (individual measurement values are not recorded). To end data collection and view exposure results, set the second switch to DISPLAY RESULTS. The Mate continuously scrolls the statistical exposure measurement results until power is turned off.

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