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EMF Measurements

Enertech Consultants has extensive experience in performing electric and magnetic field measurements to characterize field sources. Measurement environments include:

o   Commercial Properties

o   Office Buildings

o   Schools

o   Hospitals

o   Factories and Manufacturing Plants

o   Development Sites

o   Electrical Facilities (substations, power plants, transmission lines)

o   Personal Exposure Assessment

o   And many other types of environments.


Enertech also specializes in the development, manufacture, testing, calibration, and sales of instrumentation and software to evaluate power frequency electric and magnetic fields:

o   EMDEX II Electric and Magnetic Field Meter


o   EMDEX LITE Magnetic Field Meter

o   EMDEX SNAP Magnetic Field Survey Meter

o   EMDEX MATE Magnetic Field Meter

o   EMCALC Software (analysis software for EMDEX II or LITE meters)

o   EMDEX Accessories (LINDA wheel, Amp-Logger, E-Probe)

o   Calibration Laboratory