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EMF Computer Modeling


Do you need an EMF analysis quick? Are you too busy to do it?
Is the problem too complex?

      Enertech can help!

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We can model it before you build it - or upgrade it:
  1. Transmission lines and R.O.W. - flat or uneven terrain,
  2. Distribution lines - overhead or underground.
  3. Substations - complex bus configurations, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, reactors, capacitor banks.



    Are your customers asking questions about power lines or substations?
    Need to evaluate EMF mitigation options?

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We can calculate the expected EMF Profiles, as well as EMF Contours for any area of interest.
  1. Produce easy-to-read EMF contour maps or lateral profiles.
  2. Evaluate a range of EMF reduction options.

Need a substation design with EMF mitigation options?


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We can perform mitigation or "what if" analysis:

  1. Get "before" and "after" EMF Profiles, Contours, and 3D Maps.
  2. Compare the EMF Profiles of Overhead and Underground feeders.
  3. Demonstrate the effect of various EMF mitigation options.
  4. As many loading conditions as you need.

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We are experts in EMF modeling, analysis, and mitigation.

We use the best EMF modeling software available.

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We provide a report that contains:
  1. Profile graphs that show the EMF peaks and where they are located.
  2. Contour maps that show EMF strength in the surrounding area,
  3. 3D maps that show the shape and gradient of the field,
  4. Recommendations for reducing the EMF strength.
All this and fast turn-around time, too.
Let us do it for you!