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Radio Frequency Interference



The EMDEX LITE can be used in its CE* pouch to minimize RF interference. Users who want to use the EMDEX LITE and are concerned about proximity of cellular telephones can purchase an RF pouch accessory. Since cellular telephones should be kept at least 1-meter away from an EMDEX LITE, the CE pouch is available to minimize RF interference issues.

Note: EMDEX II users do not require a CE pouch.

EMDEX LITE users who want to record data close
to cellular telephone handsets (within 1 meter ) would
require a CE pouch to minimize interference. The use of 
a CE pouch does not affect 50/60 Hz measurements.

The EMDEX LITE CE pouch is available for only $150.

*-CE: "Conformit Europene" or European Conformity is a European standard. CE testing using the pouch was performed by an independent testing laboratory.