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Upgrade Your Existing
to the New USB Interface*!!


USB Meter Upgrade and Calibration

Requires the Use of EMCALC 2007 or 2013!!**



EMCALC 2007 or 2013 Software
with USB Drivers and Additional
Communication Port Designations

* - The EMDEX II uses a “Type B” USB Cable, the EMDEX LITE uses a “Type Mini-B” USB Cable.
** Requires the purchase/use of EMCALC 2007 or higher. Call for EMCALC pricing.

Serial communications ports are being replaced with USB ports on many computer systems, especially laptops. In fact, many laptops no longer provide serial ports – simply USB ports. To keep up with this growing trend, Enertech has now developed USB interfaces for the EMDEX II and EMDEX LITE meters. Send us your EMDEX II or LITE meters and we will convert the communications interface port to the new USB port. This will eliminate the need for a special download cable – you can now use a standard USB cable for downloading your data!

A new device driver is required to recognize that the EMDEX meter is connected to the USB port, allowing for data downloading and data/program transfers. This USB device driver will be provided with your meter upgrade (requires manual installation on your computer system).

 If you are using EMCALC 2000 for your data transfer, you must connect the EMDEX meter to the USB communications ports #1 through #4.  EMCALC 2000 will only recognize communications ports #1 through #4. A newer version of the software, EMCALC 2007 or 2013 will extend the number of communications ports to allow for additional versatility. Automated device driver installation will also be provided with the EMCALC 2007 or 2013 software package. Additional enhancements, such as histogram charts, are also incorporated.

Effective July 1, 2006, all EMDEX II and EMDEX LITE meters are manufactured with USB interfaces and come with a USB data cable & the EMCALC 2007 software. EMCALC 2007 will continue to provide data transfer and download support using the older custom interface cables, as well as providing USB support. EMCALC 2013 is available for purchase separately. Call for pricing.