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Used Equipment Sale

EMDEX II and Single Axis Meters


This equipment has been used by Enertech on various measurement projects and studies, but is in good working order and calibration certificates accompany each meter. Equipment is used, so it is being sold at discount pricing. Equipment is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and may sell out without notice.




                               Standard Version                                         High Field, High Frequency Version

These EMDEX II meters are all calibrated for 60-Hertz, have USB interfaces, 512K of internal memory, and the latest 3.0C internal operating program for electric field, as well as magnetic field, measurements. There are fourteen (14) standard range meters available, and four (4) high field, high frequency range meters available. Details regarding the specifications for each type of meter can be found under Instrumentation Sales here at our website.

For our standard conversion fee, any of these meters can be re-calibrated to 50-Hertz and/or re-programmed for a new default internal operating program (such as for LINDA or Amp-Logger) if you desire.

On sale for $1500 each (plus shipping and any CA sales tax)!



Single Axis Meters


These single axis meters are used Monitor Industries Model 42B-1 AC milligauss meters. There are four (4) meters available.

These magnetic field meters are accurate, dependable instruments designed for ease in locating environmental sources of AC magnetic field at power-frequency (calibrated at 60 Hertz). Field detection is performed using a single 6-inch diameter coil. The gaussmeter has an analog display in the ranges of 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, and 25 mG with a X1 input jack and a X100 input jack for the sensor coil. Resolution is 0.01 milligauss per division on the 0.5 milligauss scale, with an accuracy of +/-5% of the reading plus one division from 50 Hz to 600 Hz. Meter size is approximately 7 x 3 x 2 . Weight is approximately 1 pound, 14 ounces (850 grams) with batteries and coil. Includes plastic storage case.

The meter has a frequency response switch to set for either Linear or Flat response. In the Linear setting, the meter reading is proportional to frequency for equal milligauss fields (+2%, -5%, 40 Hz to 800 Hz; +/-2%, 50 Hz to 300 Hz). In the Flat setting, equal meter readings are for equal milligauss fields (+2%, -5%, 40 Hz to 1,000 Hz; +/-2%, 50 Hz to 300 Hz).

The meter also has an internal speaker for either silent or audible mode. In the audible mode, the sound level will fluctuate according to the level of the magnetic field intensity. Another easy way to identify local sources!

The meter has a push button on-off switch and is powered by two standard 9-volt batteries. Battery life is estimated at approximately 4 hours of full scale readings with the speaker turned on, and 15 hours with the speaker off. A low battery warning light illuminates whenever the battery voltage begins to get low.


On sale for $250 each (plus shipping and any CA sales tax)!


Please contact Enertech Consultants at (408) 866-7266 x.21 or at etcsales@enertech.net for questions or ordering information.