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Meter Accessories



Accessories for all EMDEX Meters

Duracell.jpg (8520 bytes)

9-Volt Alkaline Battery

lithium.jpg (14053 bytes)

9-Volt Lithium Battery

Accessories for the EMDEX II

Leather Pouch.jpg (8776 bytes)

Soft Leather Pouch

emdexnylon.jpg (19572 bytes)

Nylon Lanyard Pouch

emdex2case.jpg (19695 bytes)

Plastic Storage Case

emdex2techref.jpg (18677 bytes)

Technical Reference Manual

EMDEXIIcover.JPG (7377 bytes)

Replacement Sliding Cover

Replacement Housing

emdex2cable.jpg (15856 bytes)

Replacement EMDEX II Interface Cable

25dto9d.jpg (10614 bytes)

25 pin D to 9 pin D Adapter Cable

Accessories for the EMDEX LITE

Soft Leather Pouch

CE Shielded Pouch

litecase.jpg (23245 bytes)

Plastic Storage Case

litecable.jpg (16065 bytes)

Replacement EMDEX LITE Interface Cable

Accessories for the EMDEX MATE

Matenylonpouch.jpg (24038 bytes)

Nylon Lanyard Pouch

matecase.jpg (20463 bytes)

Plastic Storage Case

mateuserbooklet.jpg (24109 bytes)

Replacement User Booklet

Matetechref.jpg (18776 bytes)

Replacement Reference Manual

Accessories for the EMDEX SNAP

snapnylon.jpg (15822 bytes)

Nylon Lanyard Pouch

Plastic Storage Case

snapuserbooklet.jpg (20147 bytes)

Replacement User Booklet

snaptechref.jpg (18480 bytes)

Technical Reference Manual

Accessories for the AMP-LOGGER

clamp-on.jpg (10931 bytes)

Replacement Clamp-On

Accessories for the E-Probe

e-probemanual.jpg (23896 bytes)

Replacement Instruction Sheet

ProbeHandle.jpg (10224 bytes)

Replacement Probe Handle

Accessories for the LINDA Wheel

lindamanual.jpg (23125 bytes)

Replacement User Manual

Lindapouch.jpg (12315 bytes)

Cordura Storage Bag

lindacompus.jpg (25127 bytes)

Replacement Compass

lindamagnets.jpg (17350 bytes)

Replacement Wheel Magnets