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Amp-Logger Model 200A

This is not a stand-alone product - it requires the EMDEX II to operate.

The EMDEX II Amp-Logger is a flexible accessory to the family of EMDEX II products. The Amp-Logger, complete with its clamp-on current probe, plugs into the EMDEX II magnetic field meter's auxiliary port to simultaneously monitor or continuously record power-frequency current flow on various types of low voltage conductors (water pipes, secondary circuits, service drops, industrial or commercial building and house wiring, neutrals ground rods, etc.). The Amp-Logger's small size and light-weight make it an ideal addition to the EMDEX II measurement system. EMCALC software, included in the purchase of Amp-Logger, can be used with recorded data to produce statistical analysis of current values, current vs time graphs, and display the simultaneous magnetic field readings taken with the EMDEX II meter.

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