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Enertech Company Information

Enertech Firm Description

ENERTECH Consultants was founded in 1982 by Mr. J. Michael Silva to work on a wide variety of scientific research and consulting projects. Today the company provides engineering consulting services, and performs applied research to serve clients throughout the United States and around the world.

ENERTECH Consultants provides the following services:

  • electric and magnetic field (EMF) characterization

  • field measurements and applied research

  • computer modeling of electric and magnetic fields

  • EMF modeling for transportation, industrial and commercial facilities

  • EMF evaluation of residences, schools, and other locations

  • seminars, technical support, training, publication of technical reports

ENERTECH's reputation for scheduling and executing large data collection and measurement projects is unparalleled. Projects for government and other organizations have encompassed the characterization of electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Exposure studies required the measurement of electric utility workers, telephone linemen, residents and schools near power lines and many other situations. These agencies continue to return to ENERTECH for the planning and implementation of large, complex projects.



Enertech Mission Statement

Enertech Consultants provides scientific and engineering consulting services, and applied research to serve clients interested in electric and magnetic fields and other technical areas. Our goal is to be the best in the business and share the results of our efforts in a socially responsible way. We will employ highly qualified personnel of exceptional ethical and moral character, serve our community as a responsible corporate citizen, and conduct our affairs honestly.