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Several items of interest pertaining to the EMFWorkstation and EMCALC Software can be downloaded from this site. The items are broken into areas such as brochures, documentation & white papers, module examples, EMFWorkstation software, and patches/updates. All files are self extracting zip files unless otherwise noted. Place the file in the desired directory and execute it to extract its information. See download instructions if more information is desired.

Select the desired link to download the corresponding item. Downloaded files can be either:

         Acrobat PDF Files
         InstallShield Self-extracting and Running Setup Files
   or  WinZip Self-extracting Files


Download Area


Documentation & White Papers (PDF format)

       White Paper on EMFWorkstation 2.5 (317Kb)

Adobe Acrobat Reader

      You will need to obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you wish to view the documentation & white papers, or the documentation that accompanies the examples below. You can obtain a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site.
      Download Instructions

Module Examples


       File showing Transmission Line Mitigation (563Kb)
 File showing a Typical School (164Kb)


       File showing Substation Mitigation (93Kb)
 File showing a Typical Vault (106Kb)
      Note: Most examples contain .pdf files explaining their contents.
      Download Instructions

EMFWorkstation Software

      Unregistered Version of EMFWorkstation 2.51 -
The unregistered version of the software will allow the user to access many of the features of the EMFWorkstation modules except for performing calculations or saving files. To use all features, the software must be purchased (contact EMDEX LLC).
      The EMFWorkstation and its modules are a Microsoft Windows application and will only run under Windows.

      Minimum System requirements for EMFWorkstation are:
  • D486 system or better
  • Windows 3.1 or higher
  • 4 Mb of RAM
  • 18 Mb of free disk space
  • Monitor and adapter
  • Mouse
The Software is available to download as individual modules.  Select the desired module to download and test some of its features before purchasing. Descriptions for each module can be found under the description of the EMF Workstation 2.51.
  Conductor Database (1.70 Mb)
  ENVIRO (1.97 Mb)
  EXPOCALC (2.24 Mb)
  Power Line Calculator (1.72 Mb)
  RESICALC (3.85 Mb)
  SUBCALC (3.61 Mb)
Download Instructions

EMFWorkstation Patches/Updates

        Update for EMFWorkstation v2.5 to v2.51 (2.98 Mb)
Update for ENVIRO v3.5x to v3.52 (215 Kb) Installation Instructions
      Please be sure to closely follow the setup instructions.
      Download Instructions