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EMCALC Software

Software for the EMDEX II and EMDEX LITE meters. 

EMCALC is the communications and analysis software that was designed specifically for your EMDEX II and EMDEX LITE EMF meter. EMCALC 2007, which is the current version of the software, runs under Microsoft Windows. The 2007 version contains many of the same features of the earlier versions and contains a few new features unique to this product.

The New features included in EMCALC 2007 are listed below:

  • Works on Windows 2000 and XP operating systems.
  • A tree control allows a user to see which files (databooks) are open and lists the datasets contained in the files.


  • The new tree control allows for powerful databook/dataset editing capabilities such as copying, deleting, and renaming.
  • Datasets can be copied by simply dragging them from one databook into another.
  • A new spreadsheet-style interface makes presentation of the results much more intuitive.

  • Send output to any printer supported by the Windows operating system.
  • Presentation-quality charts that are much nicer looking.

Example 3D map

Example Contour Map


  • Plot multiple parameters (X, Y, Z and Resultant) on a single chart.

  • Plot multiple datasets on a single chart.

  • Greater flexibility in customizing the look of charts.
  • Add annotations (event descriptions) to the charts.

  • Add descriptions to event marks.
  • Copy data from spreadsheets or charts into the Windows clipboard.
  • A Real-Time Monitoring window now displays actual data (mG or m T) rather than internal units.
  • Progress bar is displayed while downloading data from a meter.
  • Include or exclude the addition of the half bin width to every data point.
  • Parameters such as magnetic field units, electric field units, calibration constants are now stored in the data files.

Though EMCALC 2007 includes all the new features described above, it does not contain the following features that were part of previous older versions of EMCALC:

  • Multi-page printouts of charts.
  • Cumulative-Distribution chart.
  • Histogram chart of exposure.
  • Intermittency chart and statistics.
  • Aggregated files.
  • Merged files.
  • Concatenated files.
  • Special Analysis files.
  • Converting EMDEX 1.x files.
  • Converting old EMDEX (i.e. DATACALC) files.
  • Batch processing.