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EMF Workstation 2.51

Software suite for modeling and calculating magnetic fields from electrical facilities. 


EMFWorkstation 2.51 is a suite of software programs designed to calculate magnetic and electric fields from electrical facilities and other sources, such as transmission and distribution lines, substations, and common residences. The software is owned by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and Enertech has a commercialization license to make available this software to non-utility companies, firms, and organizations. The software suite includes:

     o   The EMF Expert - Magnetic field tutorial materials, including field management,

                                              transmission and distribution line magnetic fields, residential

                                              ground currents, and glossary of EMF terminology.

     o   ENVIRO - Electric and magnetic field lateral profile calculations from power lines

                              (as well as audible noise), with a capacity of up to 50 different

                              conductor bundles and calculation of induced currents on shield


     o   SUBCALC - Magnetic field modeling of electrical facilities such as substations,

                                   including transmission lines, primary distribution lines,

                                   underground cables and substation equipment such as buses,

                                   circuit breakers, power transformers, air core reactors and

                                   capacitor banks.

     o   RESICALC - Magnetic field computer modeling of residential environments due

                                    to the presence of overhead transmission and distribution lines,

                                    allows user-defined conductors, and automatically calculates net

                                    currents within secondary and residential grounding systems.

     o   EXPOCALC - Electric and magnetic field exposure calculations from power lines

                                        based upon time and activity factors within designated areas, with

                                        a capacity of up to 50 different conductor bundles and calculation

                                        of electric field shielding from objects (transmission line towers,

                                        buildings, and trees).

     o   PowerLine Calculator - Computes electrical quantities associated with power

                                                         lines, such as phase current magnitude and angles,

                                                         power factor, apparent and reactive power, neutral and

                                                         ground current magnitude and phase angles, etc.


EMDEX LLC is not authorized to sell the EMFWorkstation to any electric utility. Organizations that are eligible for EPRI membership (which currently includes both domestic and international electric utilities) can obtain the workstation for free by joining the EMF Management Target. Current members of EPRI's EMF Management Target can order free copies of the EMFWorkstation by contacting the Electric Power Software Center. All other interested agencies (government, education, or engineering/consulting) should contact EMDEX LLC.

EPRI EMF Management Target Members should contact:

Electric Power Software Center (EPSC)
11025 N. Torrey Pines Rd.
Suite #120
San Deigo, CA 92037
Voice: (800) 763-3772

All other interested agencies should contact:

1356 Beaver Creek Drive
Patterson, CA 95363
(408) 866-7266


Software Registration

A software lock has been integrated into the EMF Workstation. The software will run in a demo mode (can't perform calculations or save files to disk) until it has been properly registered with EPRI and a valid unlock code has been entered.

The unlock code will provide access to the software for the remainder of the calendar year. It will automatically "time-out" on December 31 of each year, at which time you must call in and re-register the software for another year of use. The software will revert back to demo mode until another valid unlock code is entered.

This software lock also prevents the software from being installed on multiple systems without calling in for an unlock code. EPRI is requiring this registration so it will have a record of end users for the EMF Workstation. For EPRI utility members, contact the EPSC after receiving and installing the software to obtain an unlock code. For non-members, please contact EMDEX LLC.



This product incorporates technology developed for the Electric Power Industry under the sponsorship of EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.