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This is not a stand-alone product - it requires an EMDEX II to operate.

The EMDEX II Electric Field Probe, or E-Probe for short, allows an EMDEX II meter to measure and display power frequency (50 and 60Hz) electric fields using the 'AUX' jack on the side of the instrument. The EMDEX II E-Probe has been especially designed to measure electric fields by using an EMDEX II as a "free body" type of meter.

The measurement of power-frequency electric fields is different from magnetic fields. Most objects will perturb the electric field within a measurement area. Thus the probe can not be worn or kept close to a person, or placed close to an object, without distorting the electric field readings. The E-Probe has a fiberglass extension pole designed to isolate the user from the actual sensor for this reason. The pole is designed to isolate the user and is not intended for use as a hot-stick! In general, a good rule to follow is to not use any instrument close to energized circuits.

The E-Probe is attached to a fiberglass pole with a handle at the opposite end. The EMDEX II is placed between the two sensing plates of the E-Probe and connected to them via an external cable. The pole can be extended and contracted as desired but the meter and probe should never be held closer than the normal length of the pole when taking readings.

NOTE: EMCALC 95, Version B or higher software is required to operate the EMDEX II in conjunction with the E-Probe. A custom EMDEX II operating program is included with EMCALC 95b or higher software that allows the EMDEX II to display readings in kV/m when used with the E-Probe.

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