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LINDA Measurement System

This is not a stand-alone product - it requires an EMDEX II to operate.

The LINear Data Acquisition (LINDA) system is an accessory for the EMDEX II magnetic field measurement system. LINDA uses a customized measurement wheel and an EMDEX II meter to measure magnetic field and distance along a path. A magnetic switch mounted on LINDA's wheel sends a signal to the REMOTE jack on the EMDEX II every 1 foot of travel. Because the EMDEX II records data at a fixed rate, the user may walk slowly with the LINDA wheel to produce detailed measurements over a short distance or may walk quickly to produce more generalized measurements over longer paths. Angular changes in direction are entered by the user into the EMDEX II using the up/down and event marker buttons. This allows a user to map the field over an area. 

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