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Enertech Consultants has extensive EMF experience in the areas of applied research, engineering, and scientific consulting.  Enertech also specializes in the development, manufacture, testing, and distribution of instrumentation and software to evaluate power frequency magnetic fields and related expertise.


o   Draper Replication Study in California (EPRI, UCLA & USC)

o   Kaiser Permanente Hospital Study of EMF and Spontaneous Abortion

o   EMF and RF Video Training Series

o   EPRI Appliance and Transformer Characterization Study

o   Structural Steel EMF Mitigation Study (and software)

o   EPRI Magnetic Field and Contact Voltage Study component of the

        UC Berkeley Childhood Leukemia Study

o   EPRI - NIOSH - SCE Utility Worker Exposure Assessment Study

o   DOE EMF RAPID Project #3 (Non-Residential Environments) and

         Project #6 (The 1,000 Person EMF Exposure Study)

o   CDHS Statewide School EMF Source Characterization Study

o   Childhood Leukemia Study (effect of EMF on disease progression)

o   Application of Case-Specular Epidemiological Method to the

        1988 Savitz Denver Study Homes and the 1991 London-Peters

        Breast Cancer Study in Los Angeles County

o   AC Field Exposure Study

o   EMF Exposure for Telephone Workers Study (Johns Hopkins University)

o   EMF Exposure in Electric Utility Workers (University of North Carolina)

o   Nationwide Study of Residential Magnetic Field Sources (The 1,000 Home Study)

o   NCI Study of Childhood Leukemia and Exposure to Magnetic Fields

o   Assessment of Children's Exposure to Magnetic Fields

o   Investigation of the Role of EMF in the Progression of Childhood Cancer

o   Study of Magnetic Field Transients in Residential Areas

o   "Back-to-Denver": Intensive Examination of Case and Control Residences from the

        1987 Denver Childhood Cancer Study (California Dept. of Health Services)

o   Prospective Epidemiological Study of Spontaneous Abortion and EMF Exposure