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Software Development

Enertech Consultants performs contract software development and has produced many custom applications for the electric utility industry, the Electric Power Research Institute, the Department of Energy, and other commercial clients. We have experience with the latest software development tools for generating Microsoft Windows applications. We also have experience developing database applications, custom mapping software, and specialized embedded software for data recorders and medical instrumentation. ENERTECH has a strong team of software designers, developers, testers and support staff. We understand the entire software development life cycle from inception and design to documentation and final acceptance. We have the resources to address each phase of a software development project with a strong commitment to quality.


Enertech has designed and developed database-driven software applications for large research projects and custom engineering applications. We have developed the complex schemaís and the software to access each database. The databases are SQL and ODBC compliant, having multi-user (network) and single user (workstation) access.


Enertech has developed applications that make use of CAD style graphical inputs with 3-D views of the data. The 3-D views can be rotated and zoomed to obtain the desired perspective. We have also developed routines for displaying calculation results of engineering parameters as 3-D surface plots. All graphics are interactive and can be displayed in several different views. All graphics are displayed in color and support output to color printers for optimum presentation impact.


Enertech has designed and developed sophisticated, but intuitive graphical user interfaces for several engineering applications that operate in the Microsoft Windows environment. Our interfaces range from simple dialog box and spreadsheets to advanced graphical input.


Enertech has developed tutorial software for other clients that teaches users fundamental engineering concepts and how to use instrumentation. The tutorials make use of a variety of multimedia formats including audio and video. We have designed and developed the tutorials using many of the most popular authoring tools. We have created all of the media content ourselves. We have the capability of developing CD-ROM and DVD tutorials for your special interests and subjects, and can assist you in the development of custom tutorials


Enertech designed and created all of the content at itís web site. We have the capability to develop HTML, tables, frames, forms, animated graphics, audio, PDF files and variety of files formats for downloading. We have also developed engineering calculation applets.